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Attorney Michael F. Mimno has over 25 years of experience practicing Divorce and Family Law throughout Massachusetts, including Middlesex and Essex Counties, and in Southern New Hampshire, including Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties. Attorney Mimno provides expert and aggressive representation of his clients’ interests at a cost that is fair and reasonable.

The Law Office of Michael F. Mimno was established in 1984 in Methuen, Massachusetts. Attorney Mimno’s office is now conveniently located in Andover, Massachusetts, a short distance off of Route 495 allowing his clients easy access to his office.

Compassionate and zealous advocacy for all of your divorce and family law needs.

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The firm provides aggressive and attentive representation to clients in all areas of Family Law including divorce, legal separation, paternity, child custody, support/alimony, modification, contempt, removal, domestic violence, guardianship, real estate partition and adoption proceedings. Although the focus of the firm is in the area of Family Law, it also provides representation to its select clients in real estate, criminal and personal injury matters.

160108375Whether you are the custodial or noncustodial parent, getting the proper legal advice where child removal is contemplated or is requested is essential to protecting your rights and in ensuring that your child’s best interests are being considered. The attorneys at The Law Office of Michael F. Mimno have experience in this area of family law and can properly advise and counsel you regarding this important issue.


In every case, the first step is to establish a strategy for protecting the rights and interests of the client. The firm then undertakes a well planned course of aggressive representation always attentive to meeting the client’s needs and expectations. The practice of family law requires an attorney to be not only proactive in protecting the client’s assets, income and parenting privileges but also to be a good listener in order to understand the emotional dilemma which most people find themselves in when a marriage or relationship breaks down so give us a call today so we can chat about your current legal needs.

The Law Office of Michael F. Mimno is dedicated to protecting the rights of each client and insuring that he or she can make a fresh start after the marriage or other significant relationship has come to an abrupt or untimely end.

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