Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

During a divorce, a couple must divide up their marital assets. While this can happen out of court through mediation or collaborative divorce, a family division judge most commonly is responsible to ensure a fair and equitable distribution. As part of the division of assets and property, both spouses must make a full disclosure of all assets that they are in possession of. Unfortunately, some spouses may try to hide certain assets in order to avoid division, or to avoid a larger spousal support obligation. If you’re seeking divorce in New Hampshire, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael F. Mimno can help you find hidden assets during divorce.

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Dating and Divorce: Things to Consider

During a divorce proceeding, most couples have seperated. And before a divorce is legally finalized, many couples began living their individual and independent lives. As such, some individuals may feel ready to jump back into the dating game – especially if they’ve been separated from their spouse for a considerable amount of time – before the divorce is final. While choosing to date prior to being officially divorced is a personal decision, it may have legal consequences. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael F. Mimno can tell you what you need to know. Read more

Andover Divorce Mediation

How does a divorce work?

If you’re seeking a divorce in New Hampshire, it’s highly important that you familiarize yourself with the different divorce processes. For help in understanding the steps that you’ll need to take, and for a legal advocate you can count on, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Attorney Michael F. Mimno can help.

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