Receiving an Order for Temporary Spousal Support

While some divorce actions are settled quickly when divorcing parties are in agreement about the divorce and related issues (i.e., property division, child support, etc.), many divorces can take multiple months to settle. For a financially dependent spouse, these months can equal economic devastation without the support of the financially independent spouse. As such, a judge may issue an order for temporary spousal support. Here is what you need to know:

What Is Temporary Order for Spousal Support?

Temporary spousal support, or temporary alimony, is a type of spousal support that is ordered to be paid by the financially independent spouse to the financially dependent spouse before a divorce is finalized. As such, a temporary order for spousal support is designed to provide one spouse with the financial security he or she needs while the divorce action is pending. In the event that the divorce is finalized, the judge may extend the temporary order into a permanent order. General term alimony and temporary alimony are not the same.

How Is a Temporary Order for Spousal Support Determined?

A temporary order for spousal support may be determined using the same factors that are used to determine a general alimony order, which, of course, the exception of how long the alimony order will extend.

These factors, named in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 208 Section 53 include:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The age of the parties;
  • The health of the parties;
  • The income, employment, and employability of both parties;
  • Contributions by each party during the course of the marriage;
  • Marital lifestyle;
  • Lost economic opportunity due to marriage;
  • Ability of each party to maintain lifestyle; and
  • All other relevant factors.

Temporary alimony orders can be extremely important; without a temporary order of spousal support, one spouse in the marriage may be unable to maintain his or her quality of life, maintain good health, provide shelter for him or herself, or provide for his or her children.

I Need Help Requesting Spousal Support – What Should I Do?

If you are a financially dependent spouse who is seeking a divorce and needs financial support from your spouse during the divorce proceedings (as well as potentially at the conclusion of such proceedings), an experienced Massachusetts divorce and family law attorney can work alongside you to help you file a motion to request spousal support. At The Law Offices of Attorney Michael F. Mimno, Family Law Specialist, we are ready to get to work today. To get more information about spousal support in Massachusetts, contact us online now or call us at either 978-470-4567 or 603-479-1152.