Women More Likely to Initiate Divorce

While women may not be more likely to initiate a breakup when in a relationship, studies show that they are indeed more likely to initiate a divorce. In fact, according to the Austin Institute, the percentage of couples who thought about leaving their partner within the past year was 20 percent for married women, compared to only 13 percent of married men. And in the same study, 55 percent of divorced women said that they wanted their marriages to end; 29 percent of men said the same. The following considerations some of the top reasons that women are more likely to initiate a divorce, and the benefits of consulting with an Andover or Londonderry family and divorce lawyer if you’re considering dissolution of marriage.

Emotional Abuse

One of the most common reasons for a woman to want a divorce from her husband is the presence of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is a broad category and can include everything from bullying to manipulating to abandonment. Related, many women seek divorce because they feel that a spouse is inattentive to their needs


Facts are facts: men have higher rates of adulterous behavior than do women. As such, many women seek divorce as a result of their spouse’s infidelity. However, it’s not uncommon for women to engage in extramarital affairs as well.

Physical Abuse

Both surprisingly and alarmingly, physical abuse is a common reason for a spouse seeking a divorce throughout the United States. In the analysis conducted by the Austin Institute—which analyzed 25 data sets over a period of 125 years— it was concluded that women were more likely to file for divorce than their husbands.  Analysts also found that physical abuse was a reason for divorce in nearly 21 percent of cases.

Alcohol or Drug Problems

A spouse’s alcohol or drug problems are another reason that many women seek divorce. Men were less than half as likely to cite alcohol or drug problems as a reason for divorcing their spouse.

Getting Married Too Young

Interestingly, of all the reasons to seek a divorce that women listed, men were much more likely to list ‘getting married too young’ as a reason that they wanted out of a marriage. 23 percent of men listed getting married too young as their reason for wanting a divorce, while only 17 percent of women said the same thing.

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